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Editorial The Golden Spring – Institute Magazin

Das Editorial The Golden Spring wurde im INSTITUTE Magazin veröffentlicht Das INSTITUTE Magazin ist das weltweit exkusivste OnlineMagazin für Fashion.

Make-up und Hairstylistin Julie Fuhrmann ( hat das Model Kim Worch von Fotogenmodels ( wundervoll und professionell umgestylte. Das Fashionshooting wurde im besten Mietstudion in Bern umgesetzt

Exlusives Interview von mir im INSTITUTE Magazin:












Institute:  How did your career in photography begin?

Eve:  5 years ago, i wanted to make better pictures of my dog aishi, so i got myself a camera. I really liked it and went in some courses and found out that i wanna become a professional photographer.

Institute: Who did you aspire to growing up?

Eve: Annie Leibovitz her work inspired me alot

What are you currently working on?
Eve: I’m working on customer orders and my next Editorial with the make-up artist Julie Furmann

How was 2015 for you?
Eve: Busy. I learned a lot for my self, moved and fell in love. Workwise overall improvement of my skills…especially in image editing…

Do you have an all time favourite image?

Eve: No. But i really like the complete works „ Genesis“ from Sebastião Salgado

Institute: What is your creative process?

Eve: I’m just inspired by everyone around me, my people and enviroment. Walking in the nature is one important thing

What has been your proudest moment to date?

Eve: 3 years ago when become self-employed, getting my diploma in photography, and the masterclass diploma of fashion photography in Berlin.

Institute: What career path would you of taken if not photography?

Eve: Maybe i would still work in the supermarket in Bern or begin further education in business managment

What do you think of taking photos with your phone?
Eve: I like selfies with my friends and dogs. It’s sometimes great to spontaneous capture ideas for new projects.

What does 2016 hold for you?
Eve: Many more great moments to come. Looking forward to see a little bit more of the world and travel


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